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Oakley - NT Canine Treatment

Oakley's story and treatment photos came to us from a customer. His treatment is quite straight forward. He had been treated with multiple other products in the preceeding months - nothing worked. Finally NT Canine powder was used. These are the results starting with the Day 1 cleanup.

(NOTE: It is usually only necessary to "wash" on Day One (assuming you need to remove other greasy products). The other reason might be that the fur is intertwinded into the wound/scab. If you have long haired pet, it is a good idea to clip the hair to make sure it can not fold into the sore. This would prevent proper healing. Once the first wash is done and the hair is clipped and dry, simply "Dust on" NT Canine 1-2 times per day. Use a cone-collar if the pet insists on regular licking.

And here is Oakley's photo Journal... (Thanks to Katie for sending these into us!)

BEFORE                                                     DURING - more photos below



DURING                                                         AFTER - Complete


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Just Dust-On

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