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NT CANINEā„¢ - Skin and Ear Relief
All Natural powder for Hot Spots, Ear Mites, Skin Problems, and Ear Relief



NT CANINE™ takes only seconds to apply. No Greasy creams and sprays which destroy your carpet and furniture.

All Natural, non toxic NT CANINE™ will forever change the way you treat your pet's hot spots, cuts and abrasions,  excema, hair loss, flea and bug bites, as well as most ear irritations.

     How to use NT CANINE™ for HOT SPOTS:Canine Hot Spots
Simply puff onto the problem area. That's it. There are no toxic or caustic chemicals. Your pet will typically lick it a few times, and quickly realize... "This stuff tastes terrible!" and leave the spot alone thereafter.  You don't need to wash the area first. In fact the drier the coat the better. There is no slimy aftermath, and any spill can be easily swept with a whisk broom.
     Use twice per day until powder has absorbed all visable drainage. (usually 1-2 days). Then once per day until the scab falls off and you find new skin underneath.

NT Canine takes only seconds to apply and it is easy to use.

     How to use NT CANINE™ for EAR RELIEF:
    and ear mites and soggy ear.
So your pet is walking around with head cocked, brows furrowed, and constantely shaking his head. He has an ear infection. Avoid an expensive trip to the vet. Pull out your NT CANINE™ and puff a little bit of powder into the ear. It tickles going in so the pet will shake its head. This action sends the All Natural powder down where the infection lives. The powder battles the bacteria and yeast and absorbs the wet, smelly moisture - and then it is designed to dry and then crumble and fall right out. (It also helps break up and remove excessive ear wax). There is no need to do followup ear cleaning afterward.... In fact we don't want you to do that. Adding more moisture inside the canal will just start the problem all over again. (this is why so often a dog will end up with an ear infection a few days after a grooming session. So just "Dust-on" and walk away. Do this once per day. Typical ear problems cease in 2-3 days. Then use once every 10-14 days as prevention if your pet has a history of recurring problems. 

ALSO GREAT FOR CATS, GOATS, CATTLE. Any furry friend will benefit.

 We are so appreciative for all you guys do for us and how it’s helping our animals. Thanks again!

Becky L Payne MATCCC/SLP/HPCS-Director: www.naturesedgetherapycenter.org 

NT CANINE is from the Makers of NO THRUSH - THE FIRST EVER DRY EQUINE FORMULA  the international equine powder for thrush, scratches, mud fever, and coat fungus that has taken the world by storm.

NT-CANINE™ is an All Natural powder. It's light-as-air formula of multiple clays, herbs and mineral salts can be used to aid healing of nearly all pet skin aliments. Click HERE for photos and documentation.

     I am a hunter/jumper trainer in Bell Canyon CA. and have been using NO THRUSH on all my horses feet for quite some time now.  
NO THRUSH has been excellent. Now I’ve found NT Canine™!  I’m using this with great success on the excessive moisture buildup in my dogs ears. I used to make many trips to my veterinarian during the year for this moisture problem, only to have to go back again and again .
     I decided to try NT Canine™ in her ears and within a few applications her head shaking stopped and the moisture was gone.  I use it now only once a week to keep the moisture away and it has proved to be a great product. My dog is much happier and so am I !!! I would highly recommend these products to all my horse and dog friends. Thanks so much..........
     Sincerely, Barbara Vasilaros,  Hunter Haven Farms   

It is safe to say that most of you have found NT Canine™ and this website out of shear desperation. You have likely tried all the possible current ointments and sprays available at the pet store, and finally when that didn't work, your vet prescribed expensive medications such as cortisone creams and steroid shots - So now you have spent a week's wages, yet you are still having problems.

NT-Canine™ eliminates the use of caustic and harmful chemicals on your pet. A secondary benefit is that we will no longer bring those same chemicals and messy ointments into our home where they get rubbed and imbedded into the furniture. 



Our shih-tzu has had skin problems all her
life. The redness and scaling continually
bothered her.  We tried so many products
(prescription and OTC) to help her we lost
count.  At best, she'd get a bit of relief for
a day or so, but no real healing. We turned
to NT Canine™ powdered formula - what a
pleasant surprise. First, the dry powder is
so much easier to apply than creams or
sprays. Second, the product doesn't bother
our pup--she doesn't try to lick or rub it
away. Third, it gave her real, lasting relief. 
She doesn't chew or scratch her skin and the
redness/scaling has decreased significantly.
Thank you for a great product!
                                       Kyle, Los Angeles, CA

NT CANINE™ is All Natural (important to most of us these days!), it is safe, easy to use, and it works! Try it once and you will never go back to ointment and sprays. CLICK HERE TO SEE TEST CASES




Just Dust-On

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