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 Finally! A "Dry" Product for a "Wet" Problem!NO THRUSH - The First Ever DRY Formula

"NO THRUSH - The First Ever Dry Formula" is an All Natural revolutionary equine powder developed to treat horses' hooves and coat. (IE: scratches, rain rot, cinch burn, etc). NO THRUSH attacks bacteria, absorbs moisture, allows positive re-growth, and can be used for long term maintenance. NO THRUSH allows us to "Stay Ahead of Thrush, Instead of Chasing it!"

NO THRUSH has been available since 2010 and has changed the way people think about and treat thrush. It is sold worldwide and is quickly becoming the most widely used thrush product on the market. (In Europe, NO THRUSH is called "NT-DRY." (www.NTDRY.co.UK)

NO THRUSH is the sister product to NT Canine. The two products have a slightly different ingredient base to provide easy and clean indoor use with NT Canine.


DUST ON! TM  All-in-one Wound Dressing

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The newest edition to the NT line of products. DUST ON! is an All Natural wound dressing powder for use on all cuts, scrapes, and skin rash. The ingredients differ from No Thrush in that the powder is designed specifically for the coat and skin. DUST ON! takes only seconds per day to use, amd most importantly it can be used during every stage of the wound healing process, from the initial event - to the final hair re-growth period. No Washing is needed. Also aids in prevention of Proud Flesh, but DUST ON! is not caustic like other products.  

Just Dust-On

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