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                                            WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT NT CANINE®


NT Canine® is an All-Natural, non-toxic powder made of a combination of clays, diatomaceous earth, copper salts, and oregano powder. It is designed to naturally attack bacteria as well as dry, firm, and aide in healing bacterial infections. Also use to firm up abraded, tender pads due to excessive wear and tear and bacterial buildup. All ingredients are Food-Grade, however NT’s bitter taste tends to discourage excessive licking.


  1. HOT SPOTS,  COAT ODOR,  and  HAIR LOSS DUE TO ECZEMA:  NT’s ultra-fine powder instantly absorbs and desiccates the bacterial/fungal breeding ground, allowing a quick, healthy recovery of tissue. There is no need to bathe the coat. If there is an oozing coming from the hot spot, it is a good idea to trim away excess hair, otherwise it may become matted in the scab. Make sure the coat is dry and puff NT Canine® onto and around the problem area, gently massage into the hairline, and walk away. Apply 1-3 times per day. The powder will absorb all bodily fluids and create a firm scab. Do not soften scabs. Allow them to fall off naturally. When this occurs, healing is complete. Continue light dusting until hair is re-grown.
  2. EAR DISCHARGE: (low grade and yeast infections inside the ear) This problem often occurs with long-eared dogs and/or those who spend time in the water. Puff a small amount of NT Canine® into the ear canal and be sure to lightly dust the underside of the ear flap to prevent moisture buildup. The dusting process tickles, so expect vigorous head shaking. This properly distributes the powder throughout the damp canal. Apply 1-2 times per day for 2-3 days, or until problem subsides. Regular maintenance dustings are recommended for prevention.
  3. FOOT PAD TENDERNESS AND ABRASIONS:(cuts, scrapes, and pad tenderness caused by wear and tear, fungus and excessive moisture buildup.) Use the squeeze bottle to dust the top and bottom of the foot. Massage the powder onto the pads, coating any visible scrapes and sores. Be sure to get the powder in-between the pads and between the toes. Apply 1-3 times per day. Tenderness will begin to abate in 2-4 days depending on severity. Continue use until pads are firm and abrasion-free.  (NOTE: While the philosophy is the-drier-the-better, NT can certainly be used on pets who reside outdoors.)
  4. ADDITIONAL USES:Use as a coagulant. IE: when toe nails have been cut too short or on open abrasions. Use to aide with toe nail fungus. Use to detract fleas, mites, and bed bugs.


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