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There are hundreds of reasons why hot spots show up. Sometimes it is as simple as an allergic reaction to flea bites. We've also seen bee stings, spider bites and even ants start the chain reaction. Of course a food reaction or immune system weakness can also cause problems. Again, just like humans, there can be countless factors and causes. 

NOTE: This is an example of an "open wound" hot spot. However at other times we might instead notice only a red, angry rash, often accompanied by hair loss. This most often occurs on the shoulder, hip, or on the face. Be sure to use NT Canine™ for all these issues as well. 

CHAZ - 16 years old (and still perky!)

                   Pic 1Canine Skin relief

Chaz had an old mole on his neck that became inflamed and infected. It was covered by his collar and was not noticed in a timely manner.

As you can see, the ooze and seepage had congealed around the problem area, and the fur had become encrusted into the wound.

The first thing we did is clip the fur so that the surrounding fur will not interfere with healing process. This will also allow us to view exactly what is really occurring at the site.

                    Pic 2

Here we have cleaned up the area. The hair follicles that were incorporated in the wound area literally came right out with the slightest tug. (Similar to a brittle cork coming from a bottle). No, not pretty, but this initial cleaning was needed to uncover the core problem. Now we are starting from a clean slate.  

NOTE: It is not always necessary to remove the scab. (indeed, most of the time there won't be a scab at all because of the dog's constant licking) However, if the area is encrusted with matted fur or the crusty remnants of other products, it is best to trim, clean and dry the area and start over with NT CANINE treatment.  (after that, no cleaning/washing is needed.)

                    Pic 3 - DAY 2

This is the dusting process. It is clean and simple. As the slogan says..... Just "Dust-On."

We applied NT CANINE, and Chaz shook himself. This photo shows how the product stays in place even after the shaking. The powder instantly begins to absorb the excess moisture and accelerate the congealing/scabbing process

The squeeze bottle tip allows you to direct a few puffs right where you want it. Be sure to coat the affected area, as well as about 1/2 inch all around it. You might wish to apply NT out on the porch. There will be a little bit of excess dust. Easy to clean up, but why give yourself the extra chore - unless the kitchen floor needs a sweep anyway! Meanwhile you won't have to deal with the greasy stains on your furniture from creams and sprays.

You will instantly notice the powder absorb the moisture at the site. You can gently rub it into the surrounding area, but no need to touch the actual wound area. Just let the product settle, absorb, and do it's work.  Most of the time it will only take one or two applications before there is no longer moisture present (IE: bleeding / drainage.) However, in the "Grace" example below, we will demonstrate a more severe hot spot attack, and show the day-by-day issues you may confront.

                   PIC 4 - 6-weeks Later

We treated Chaz twice per day (morning and night) for 3 days. The wound scabbed over nicely and healing was remarkably rapid. No further treatments were needed. However we now recommend weekly maintenance dusting to make we sure stay ahead of any recurrences

Six weeks later the hair has completely regrown normally. The mole is still there, but there is obviously no evidence of the former infection. Chaz continues to be perky, and now much happier without that "neck thing." 




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Just Dust-On

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